Splash of Code

Learn Programming by Making Art

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Learn JavaScript

The best way to learn programming is by typing someone else's code. In each issue you'll make your own minimalist art piece by typing code from the guide into your computer. No previous experience, special tools, or skills are necessary. Along the way you'll start to absorb some computer programming techniques.

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Make Amazing Art

Each issue includes type-in code for a unique, minimalist, abstract art piece. In the end you'll create an art piece that's fun to display and discuss.

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Instant Digital Access

Every new issue is delivered free to subscribers of the email list. The guides are designed to look great on your favorite devices. New issues are published monthly.

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Artistic Zines

Splash of Code is a small-circulation self-published work of original code and instruction. Each issue is crafted with care and love and is itself a small artistic expression. Available in short run print editions, digital versions, and booklet formats designed for printing on letter size paper.

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